About La Casa del Habano Antwerp

La Casa del Habano Antwerp

La Casa del Habano is an internationally registered trademark and property of the Corporation Habano S.A. Its design and concept are founded in know how, and have been pivotal in Habanossuccessful development into an International Chain of Franchises in just a brief period of time.

Casa del Habano is known for Antwerps most attractive walk-in humidor that holds a sumptuous collection of exquisite Cuban cigar brands, each in different sizes, shapes and presentations. Beside the presence of over 600 different and unique cigars, the store has the most exclusive products for cigar aficionados and connoisseurs.

We offer an extensive range of humidors and other accessories, such as lighters, cutters, ashtrays, books and magazines as well as a splendid array of carefully selected beverages from a variety of origins, including rums, whiskeys and port – everything you need to enjoy the Pleasure of Cigars.

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Network and Experiences

Ever since Reza Valibalouch started smoking and collecting cigars at the age of 22, his network and experience grew. Throughout the years he has encountered so many aficionados, Vitolas and wonderful people making him a very known and appreciated man in the world of the Habano.

However his love and passion for Cuba, their cigars and its people evolved over the years. Going into business only increased his association with Habanos. The whole time during he managed to build up a harmonized relationship with the multinational.

His helping hand is never far. Raising money for the Cuban public health system during the Habanos Festival or supporting the Cuban Embassy in Belgium, has helped him to build up his international network. With his privileged connections with the Factories, the Cuban Ambassador of Belgium and many more influential Cubans, Reza has the ability to get his hands on the most special and finest Cuban Cigars.

Shop and Owner

Our experienced store managers are delighted to share their insight and expertise on the worlds finest cigars, the Habanos. Take the opportunity to enjoy a real slice of Cuban life – right down to the islands joyous music and excellent rums.

At all times we are aiming to deliver a superb service with a professional and extremely passionate staff to promote the world of the Habano cigars. Using its image and excellent service, we successfully promote the pleasures of smoking cigars along with the knowledge of its culture to consumers.

Presently, our store not only sells tobaccos, but is also characterized by numerous other services and personalized attention provided to experts in the art of smoking cigars as well as to those beginners interested in learning about these products, its culture and its history.

Visit us at Ernest van Dijckkaai 11, Antwerp, Belgium so we can take you on this beautiful journey.

As a citizen of the world,
Reza Valibalouch

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